Right Justification

This installation is a response to the Population Ecology series of 35mm slides discovered while delving into the trove of AV material from the Marborough Secondary College in Victoria. This particular series explored seven different species and their adaptation to the environment. The seventh species was man. The distinguishing charateristic of man, so the lessonContinue reading “Right Justification”

Salvage Ecology

The Volcanic Temperate Grasslands of Western Victoria are critically endangered. Salvage Ecology is an invitation to a conversation about that, and hopefully a provocation to action. The work features 200 seedlings of Poa Morissii, or velvety tussock grass, a species previously endemic to the region. The term salvage ecology is borrowed from the concept ofContinue reading “Salvage Ecology”

Artist Statement

Paul is a mixed media artist inspired by scientific images and what they reveal about our perceptions of and relationship to the world around us. He explores how we perceive nature through the distorting lens of custodianship and control. The scientific method necessarily reduces complexity to manageable dimensions so the macro can be studied inContinue reading “Artist Statement”